NSA releases SDGs baseline report

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NAC) on Tuesday released the first national Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Baseline Report, aimed towards efforts to strive for an evidence-based policy planning process.

The report serves as an indicator framework and portal towards enhancing and improving planning as well as ensure streamlined and harmonised monitoring of the implementation of the SDGs in Namibia and the Fifth National Plan (NDP5).

Speaking at the launch here, NAC General Statistician and Chief Executive Officer, Alex Shimuafeni said the report will serve as a reference on how Namibia is monitoring the SDGs and the progress towards the achievement of the targets until 2030.

He said, Namibia joined the international community in the call for actions and recognises that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and addresses a range of social needs through reliable knowledge on the state of the country.

I am proud to inform the nation that in general, substantial data speaking to the SDGs indicators is produced in Namibia. It can be concluded that the quality of the information to serve as input for a continuous and consistent monitoring system is still limited, he noted.

The General further noted that localising of data is remarkably high in Namibia as around 50 per cent of the national sources provide updated values compared to the updates coming from international sources.

At the same occasion, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country resident representative, Alka Bhatia said targets and associated indicators are the backbone of monitoring the SDGs, not only a tool to help countries to develop implementation strategies, but also a score card to measure progress and to ensure accountability of governments and other stakeholders.

She noted that the report is an important step in also identifying where there are still some gaps in data and guide relevant agencies in the correct direction of collecting data to map some important indicators.

SDGs are an inclusive agenda that aims to tackle the root causes of poverty, therefore Namibia's efforts to in achieving these goals through ensuring availability of credible and timely, strengthened data is commendable, she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency