Nujoma Says Murderers Must Be Buried Alive

FORMER President Sam Nujoma has warned men who kill women, that they will have to face the full wrath of law and ‘will be buried alive for their evil deeds’.

Nujoma made these remarks when he addressed community members at the launch of the breast and cervical cancer campaign at Indira Gandhi Clinic at Onemanya on Saturday.

“We have fought those who colonised our country, and we will continue to fight those who are killing our girls. From today onwards, anyone who will be found guilty of committing such evil deeds will have to be buried alive. I have my soldiers and I will work closely with them,” he said.

Nujoma told parents and the elderly to pass on the message to their male children.

On another note, Nujoma, in his address, commended the Ongwediva Medipark personnel for bringing health services closer to the people, especially the elderly.

“Through this campaign, my office and the Ongwediva Medipark medical fraternity together with the health ministry, call for action. We desperately want the speed of progress to move like the speed of a rocket,” he said.

Nujoma also encouraged people to stand up and do things for themselves and not wait for the government.

He said all women should go for the free breast cancer screening and pap smear as well as to participate in safe and effective antenatal care to curb the unnecessary loss of lives from preventable illnesses.

The Ongwediva Medipark general surgeon, Brown Ndofor, said the aim of the campaign is to educate and inform community members about the awareness of breast and cervical cancer.

“Through this campaign, we will be able to raise awareness and make informed decisions of the two diseases,” said Ndofor.