Offbeat – 16 May 2013


The villains in James Bond and Indiana Jones stories share similar traits: they want power or wealth. Those are rapidly becoming ‘old-skool’. The new breed of villain has simplified things. His or her coda is summed up in one easy word: ‘destroy’.
I’m busy reading the new Dan Brown romp, ‘Inferno’. I haven’t finished it yet. Normally I would be able to power through the thing in a couple of hours but I’m down to a few minutes at a time as far as the thing of relaxation is concerned. One of the things I like most about it is that the chapters are short and easy to read in a few minutes.
It draws on Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ to set up it’s plot. That’s as literary as it gets. I downloaded a free copy of Dante’s poem from the web, and am wondering if and when I will ever get to read it. At least if some schmo asks me if I have read it, I’ll be able to smile and say, “I have a copy.”