Offbeat -28June 2013

‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’, but at least I have shorts to keep my knees cold, and my blanket to remind me how much I love winter.There’s a joke about a Free State farmer. One day he wakes up and realises that it is icy cold, so he puts on two pairs of shorts. I’m a bit like that. It’s early morning now, heading for mid winter, and I’m wearing shorts. I’m not entirely demented though. I have a blanket wrapped around my knees. I know it’s winter when my knees get cold.
By now, you are probably wondering why I don’t use a heater? The easy answer is that a blanket doesn’t need electricity. It’s an environmentally friendly way of getting warm, and electricity is very expensive. I use a heater only when the temperature sinks way down there, like when it snows in the Namib or the morning after rare inter rain, and even putting on a long pair of trousers, and wrapping a second blanket round my shoulders, doesn’t help.