Omaheke residents hold peaceful protest against corruption

the inhabitants of Omaheke Region on Wednesday held peaceful demonstration in Gobabis to express their disappointment in the Regional Council and the Region Governor as well as their frustrations against the alleged corrupt officials.

The protest started from the Epako community hall and proceeded to the Office of the Regional Council were a petition was received by Raphael Mokaleng, the councilor of the Okorukambe constituency before continuing to the Office of the Governor where a second petition was read and handed over.

The petition read by the representative of the group, Kejamuina Mungendje said the centre of the commotion are two burning issues, namely the inability of the Omaheke Regional Council to account for over N. dollars 61 million from its coffers of which a petition was handed over to the Council on 29 May 2019 but no response was received to date. Secondly the residents are annoyed by the alleged misappropriate and mismanagement of funds uncovered during a recent Regional Council meeting through a motion tabled on 20 August. The petition read.

The missing millions were meant for much needed services and development of the communities in the region, the residents said.

The resident are also unhappy about community projects such as the poultry farming project and the needle work project that were initiated for the betterment the community but allegedly never took place.

The Omaheke Region inhabitants further stated that as the rightful and direct beneficiaries of the funds in terms of development, they deserve answers.

The inhabitants further demanded for the immediate suspense of the CRO for the alleged misappropriate funds and corrupt practices in the Council inorder to allow for an independent body to investigate the matter, they also requested that the outcomes of the investigations be brought to the attention of the inhabitants of Omaheke and for the implicated individuals to be brought to justices.

The march saw participant from different constituencies in the Omaheke Region join hands against what they termed as corruption in Omaheke Regional Council, self- enrichment of the officials and no development for the Omaheke community.