Oshana and Omusati regions receive grass from fishing company

Sinco Fishing Company donated 700 bales of grass, worth N.dollars 116 000, for distributions to the severely drought stricken farmers in the northern regions of Oshana and Omusati.

Governor of the Oshana Region, EliaIrimari on behalf of the two regions officially received the bales consignment from one of the directors of the company, Dr David Iileka, at Ondangwa here on Monday.

Handing over the donation, Iileka stated that although the entire nation is threatened by the famine experienced in the country the past rain season, Oshana and Omusati is mostly affected by the drought in northern Namibia.

He noted that the two regions are severely affected by the drought and many farmers in those regions are forced by the situation to abandon their farms in search for better grazing areas and water for their livestock elsewhere.

Our communities here and the livestock in particular, are hit severely if not wiped out due to the drought, said Iileka.

According to him, the grass donation is his company's response to the nation outcry and the government's call for companies and individuals to contribute to drought relief programme.

We trust the donation will help those badly affected and without means to survive with the little they have, to feed their livestock to survive and breed to make fresh start, Iileka cited.

Accepting the donation, Irimari said Namibia and other countries in the SADC region are this time around affected by hydrologic drought, as there is no water in the country and animals have no means of survival.

Irimari singled out Okatyali, Uukwiyuushona and Uuvudhiya as the constituencies in his region with better grazing in some areas, but also faced with water shortage or salty water.

The fodder donated will be distributed to those affected and are the needy farmers in all the constituencies of our regions without delay, said the governor.

Source: Namibia Press Agency