PeyaMushelanga calls on Hendrik Ismael Witbooi

Minister of Urban and Rural Development, PeyaMushelanga has called on the newly installed chief of the |Khowese Traditional Authority, Hendrik Ismael Witbooi, to be the custodian of the customary law of his clan.

In a speech read on his behalf at the coronation of Witbooi in Gibeon on Saturday, Mushelenga said Witbooi will be obliged to ensure that his community's customary law is functional and applicable and that there is certainty about its application.

In this context, Witbooi and his team of senior and traditional councillors must work together to ensure that the customary law provides certainty especially in respect of leadership succession, and by so doing avoid squabbles and costly and divisive disputes over succession in the future, he elaborated.

He said the functions as a chief are stipulated in the Traditional Authorities (TAs) Act Number 25 of 2000 which provides for the legal framework of the role and functions of TAs.

Regrettably, leadership changes within TAs in Namibia have not been without controversy, the minister said and therefore urged Witbooi to be responsible for the maintenance of peace, order and harmony within his community, while upholding, promoting, protecting and preserving the culture, language tradition and traditional values of the traditional community.

Source: Namibia Press Agency