Police in Kavango East concerned about increase in youth offenders

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Kavango East Region concerned with the escalating rate of youth offenders involving themselves in criminal activities.

This was said by Kavango East Regional Commander, Commissioner Johanna Ngondo recently when she addressed school going children at the launch of NANSO's countrywide campaign on access to education last Thursday.

The regional commander said the police in the region is concerned with the escalating rate of youth offenders, involving themselves in criminal activities.

Ngondo said NamPol in Kavango East Region has been experiencing crimes such as assault, theft of cellphone, rape, driving motor vehicle either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving a motor vehicle without a driver's licences, drug and alcohol abuse amongst others.

This is not only disturbing, but it is worrisome on what the future holds for the youth, said Ngondo.

According to the statistics provided by the police of crimes committed by the youth, in 2018/ 2019, there were 212 cases reported.

Among the 212 cases, 183 cases were committed by the male school-going children while females were only 24 that were caught as offenders.

In 2019/2020, 140 cases were reported so far whereby 135 of the cases were committed by males while 10 cases involve females and the ages of this population range from 14 to 21-years-old.

Furthermore, the regional commander said such crimes makes the region vulnerable to more crimes and put the lives of community members in fear in their own homes and lives of their children.

Therefore, together with our stakeholders, NamPol has taken a stand on crimes that are destroying families and we will fight with all the resources we have, she said.

Ngondo also added that the abuse of drugs and alcohol as well as the abuse of social media has similarly caused the youth to desert their education since they are addicted to such substances.

She further advised the youth to speak positive criticism and put things into the right perspective in order for them to achieve their set goals in life.

I, therefore, humbly request all the youth in this region to come up with ways and means on how we can move forward in joining hands to combat crime in our homes, schools and the community at large, concluded the regional commander.

Source: Namibia Press Agency