Proclamation of Rosh Pinah long overdue

Rosh Pinah-Oranjemund Constituency Councillor Lazarus Nangolo says the proclamation of Rosh Pinah as a town is long overdue and should not be allowed to drag on any further.

The residents through their leaders have repeatedly called for the speedy proclamation of Rosh Pinah, but to no avail, yet Nangolo hopes this will change soon, saying the residents are tired of waiting.

He says proclaiming the area will allow for land ownership, improved services and sanitation amongst other benefits. Residents, especially those at Tutungeni informal settlement can no longer live in such squalid conditions without proper sanitation, proper housing, he said, noting that proclamation will enable people to own land and build their own houses and not pay monthly rental fees to set up temporary structures, as is mostly the case now.

I'm hoping to see that proclamation happening this year. It's a dire need for the residents, because when it comes to land ownership there is no legality and this can't continue, he said.

Nangolo moreover said although Roshkor is owned by Skorpion Zinc and Roshpinah Zinc and helps with administering Rosh Pinah, it is high time council comes on board to provide adequate service to all residents, while Roshkor should focus on providing services to mineworkers.

He explained that with the steady population increase there is a lack of services for people in the area, such as clinics, schools and institutions needed to provide services to all people in the various sectors.

He further said although he understands that Roshkor has the responsibility to take care of mineworkers, not everyone that lives there works for the mine, saying there are those that are teachers or nurses that need their own serviced erven and the only way to ensure that is by proclamation.

Tutungeni is still without a sewerage system or water pipelines, because no one wants to take ownership of land servicing in the area in order to ensure that people are enjoying the same services like any other town, he said.

He called on the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and all stakeholders to support his office and the residents to ensure the proclamation of Rosh Pinah is speedily enacted. We need to speed up the process. I don't want to go beyond this year without the proclamation being done, he added.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia