Racial Sponsorships and Football Mafias [opinion]

The sickening problem of racism, prejudice and injustice deliberately aimed at recreating the uneasy atmosphere of the past in the annals of Namibian sports through the conspicuous absence of equal distribution of resources and lack of recreational facilities remain an eyesore and is far away from being resolved.

As it stands, highly gifted athletes of colour have become the victims of society in which they are permanently on trial and in which all trust, if any, is misplaced while their awkward social position is under constant scrutiny.

The recent chain of events, with regard to the unequal distribution of wealth through selective various sponsorships for sports events is a serious cause for concern and calls urgent interrogation.

Is it perhaps a point to note that the newly-introduced FNB Classic Clashes and Bank Windhoek Netball Super League for Senior Secondary Schools, have been conveniently tailor made to benefit institutions comprising majority of learners from the previously aantaged and still elite communities? I’m just saying.

Let us call spade a spade and not a large spoon, Namibian sports is in turmoil with the heat surely making itself felt with intensity, while those in the dock still have the temerity to try and justify their shoddy selection policies

“Why make it a big fuss, we don’t raise any questions and complaints whenever an entire darkish hide football team or boxers are selected to represented our adopted motherland internationally”.

HELLO! People are crying for honesty and rightfully demand a fair demographic representation as opposed to the customary fashion in which families and their henchmen are randomly dispatched on fully paid overseas tours under the guise of representing the nation at international sporting events.

Yours truly has it on good authority that the decline in moral standards or the cruelty of fate has now spiraled down to emerging darkish hide tennis players.

The naked truth is that poor darkies’ natural skill and competitive edge on the playing courts has become a perpetual and unequal rivalry of bone against steel, directed to one end in order to maintain the momentum of those who control the purse strings.

Protests and murmurs of dissent blurring loudly from the corridors of the Windhoek Central Tennis Club, is that cash prizes for winning tourneys are mysteriously kept secret and would only be revealed at the eleventh hour should larneys emerge victorious but whenever darkies come out triumphant, the prizes will be reduced to no cash prizes.

As a proud fact, the spiritual and emotional suffering experienced by darkish hide athletes should no longer be tolerated. Period! All belligerent athletes affected should stop banking on the mercy of vocal sports journos to aocate their case and address their dilemma. They should stand up and be counted

A cartel at Football House, living off immoral earnings?

They don’t say it very loud but word flirting from Football House is that there is a well organised gang of highly placed influential people with close links to the Brave Warriors, that has made it their sole beat to manipulate and blackmail would-be Brave Warriors contenders.

The rumour mill has it that those in search of landing lucrative contracts in the paid ranks with stinking rich South African Professional clubs, are bluntly told to disassociate themselves from a certain football agent if they are to stand any chance of being called up to the national senior football team.

Unsuspecting players are ostensibly lured into signing up with this dubious group of self-styled disguised football agents, on condition to have their places in the Warriors setup cemented. Serious questions are being raised over the mysterious contract cancellation of both Penehas Jakob and Sadney Uri-Khob, by PSL campaigners Amazulu FC.

Those with intimate knowledge of the inner dealings at Football House, let it slip through their spoken tongues that the pair’s contracts were summarily terminated with the players given a two months salary as exit package despite having signed three-year contracts with the club. I rest my case.

Source : New Era