RC Club Launches ‘The Dirt Farm’ Race Track

RC racing enthusiasts have grown in huge numbers in Namibia. This low entry motor sport provides safe fun for all ages and lets participants indulge their competitive spirits without needing a license or thousands in outfitting.

“It’s the most uncomplicated motor sport you’ll find. Everyone is welcome and it doesn’t matter how much money you put into your car, it’s all about fun,” says Wheels 4 All’s Ernest Thatcher, SKW Off-Road RC pro.

The SKW Off-Road RC club has just finished putting the final touches on their new track, ‘The Dirt Farm’. The all-new racetrack meets international standard and took eight weeks to complete.

“It’s been a long time coming and we cannot wait to get on the dirt,” he added. They’ll be officially opening ‘The Dirt Farm’ this Saturday and guests will also be treated to the announcement of a 2015 National Off-Road RC Championship.

“This sport is currently undergoing an amazing transformation, watch this space.”

For any enqueries or if you’d like to hit the dirt and join the SKW Off-Road RC club, contact Ernest on 081 279 6288.

Source : The Namibian