RDP Unveils ‘Revolutionary’ Manifesto

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) says in its newly launched manifesto it wants to instil sound labour relations, provide quality education and training, while protecting workers’ rights.

RDP says its 40-page manifesto launched at Walvis Bay over the weekend was drafted to bring change particularly among Namibian workers.

It says over the past 24 years workers continued to experience severe challenges, while farm workers live on less than the minimum prescribed wage.

It says domestic workers face similar dehumanizing circumstances and “not to mention police and nurses that are equally overworked and underpaid”. RDP president Hidipo Hamutenya described the manifesto as a “progressive forward-thinking document that will provide the framework for how the country will be governed by an RDP government”. RDP listed a raft of “shortcomings” in the country, among them what it said is the backlog in resolving ongoing trials, due to lack of magistrates and judges to hear cases as well as “unwarranted long drawn-out trials”.

RDP says it will also address issues such as the auctioning of land, reducing the price of land, and subsidising water for both human and livestock consumption should it win the elections in November.

It further promised to streamline Namibia’s foreign representation to serve only the strategic interests of the nation, as well as reduce the size of cabinet so that much needed funds be directed to national development priorities.

Hamutenya said the manifesto is a blueprint of the policies and measures that an RDP government would implement to improve the lives of all Namibians and fast-track development across the entire country.

“It will revolutionise how the affairs of the nation are managed. Equally important, it will give hope to the thousands of our people who are marginalized, unemployed youth, poor and the landless,” stressed Hamutenya.

He added that the manifesto also addresses critical issues such as affordable housing, accessible and quality health care, corruption, good governance, economic and social development.

“This historic document is irrefutable proof that the RDP is a party of the people, for the people. As you will ascertain for yourselves, this document is about the people of Namibia, our most important resource. It is a carefully thought-out document that had the input of various experts in their fields of expertise,” the RDP leader said at the launch.

“It is important to note this manifesto was not just compiled for the upcoming general elections but it is drawn from the RDP’s alternative policies that show how the RDP will govern the country when elected.

“The RDP is ready to take over the reins of power and hit the ground running. Promises will be a thing of the past with our manifesto. Corruption will be stamped out and severely punished good and ethical governance will be the order of the day. Those in positions of trust will be held accountable every step of the way. “In short, there can be no better blueprint for galvanizing our people and putting the country up there among the best of them. Let the whole nation see that there is light at the end of the 24 years of a dark tunnel of empty promises,” he stated.

“If you give us the mandate to run the nation, you will see for yourselves,” Hamutenya urged.

RDP secretary general Mike Kavekotora who was present at the launch said the manifesto is intended to transform Namibia in terms of service delivery. By Eveline de Klerk

Source : New Era