Rehoboth Town Council struggles with overflowing sewage

The Rehoboth Town Council (RTC) has indicated that the town is facing challenges with overflowing manholes, which is caused by insufficient water flow in the sewage lines due to blockages and vandalism.

A statement issued by RTC's Public Relations Officer Desire Theunissen on Monday said the technical team is responding and working around the clock in resolving the matter.

Overflowing sewer is a health hazard, therefore, the town council is decontaminating the sewage spillages with lime and chloride. We appeal to the community members to refrain from vandalising and blocking the sewer flow, as this is not only a cost to the RTC, but also a great health threat in the community, considering the prevailing Hepatitis E outbreak, Theunissen said.

She said efforts by the RTC to curb the disease are in vain without cooperation from the community they serve and further appealed to all residents to help maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Theunissen also added that the RTC's Health Division is in the process to carry out routine inspections at all butcheries in the town to ensure compliance to the health regulations.

The RTC warned that unstamped meat found at the outlets will be confiscated and destroyed in the presence of the owner of such meat products and said contravening such regulations constitutes legal action against such owners.

It is our mandate to ensure an enabling environment within the legal frameworks and health regulations. We, therefore, appeal to the public to adhere to the regulations at all times, she added.

In conclusion Theunissen said as per the General Health Regulation 121 of 1969 as amended, of section 33 (1) (a) only butcher's meat and dressed poultry which have been slaughtered in an approved abattoir and marked or stamped with an approved stamp may be placed, kept prepared, displayed or sold in a butchery.

Meanwhile, business owners in Rehoboth are informed that the RTC will be conducting inspections and spot checks in all businesses in the Local Authority area.

Meanwhile, the RTC urged business owners to ensure that their business licenses and registrations are in order and up to date and warned that they reserve the right to close down and issue a fine to any business not registered within the boundaries of Rehoboth.

Source: Namibia Press Agency