Rural communities to benefit from N.dollars 127 million for climate resilience

Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) has secured N. dollars 127 grant from Green Climate Fund (GCF) for 'Building resilience of communities living in landscapes threatened under climate change though an ecosystems-based adaptation approach' project.

The grant is expected to benefit more than 200 000 people in 13 regions of the country to strengthen climate resilient of the vulnerable rural communities, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

The project was conceived as a result of climate change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, Shifeta said

He added that impacts continue to produce alternations in the boundaries between rangelands and other bio-mes such as deserts and forest, directly through shifts in species composition and indirectly through changes in wildlife regimes, opportunistic cultivation or agricultural release of the less arid margins of the rangeland territory.

Many of these impacts already affect rural Namibia, with grazing conflicts, water scarcity, ever spreading desertification and huge variability in productions figures frequently reported.

Therefore the project is based on the premise that biodiversity and ecosystems provide valuable services that increase the climate resilience of local communities and activities undertaken as part of the project will maintain and enhance ecosystem integrity to continue to supports the generation of food and income in order to reduce the severity of negative socio-economic impacts of climate change on vulnerable rural households.

It takes form of an ecosystem landscape approach to adaptation, which [provide a framework to integrate policy and practice for multiple land uses, within a given are to ensure equitable and suitable use of land while strengthening measures to mitigate and adopt to climate change, he said.

To date the EIF has succeeded to mobilize more than N$560 million worth of projects in the areas of agricultural resilience, renewable energy and ecosystem base adaptation from the GCF.

In addition to the resource mobilisation efforts of the EIF, the Ministry has also secured approximately and amount of N. dollars 150 million for the Global Environment Facility for the implementations of 'Namibia Integrated Landscape Approach for enhancing Livelihoods and Environmental Governance to eradicate poverty, said Shifeta.

Source: Namibia Press Agency