Rural Women Parliament starts

The Rural Women Parliament (RWP) with Men as Partners session on Wednesday resumed and elected Cornetha Adam as Chairperson, Isaac !Hoaeb Vice Chairperson and Chaze Malagunga as the Chief whip here in the National Council chambers.

The first session of the fifth WRP under the theme 'Empowering Rural Women for Sustainable Livelihood' was officially opened by the Vice Chairperson of the National Council Bernard Sibalatani on behalf of the Chairperson Margaret Mensah-Williams who is out of the country.

In a speech read on her behalf, Mensah-Williams said the National Council (NC) aims to empower rural women and men by introducing them to the law-making electoral process adding that, through this process, we aim for them to understand the concept of the separation of powers between the three branches of the state, she said.

She added that RWP was created to represent women and men saying women have not always been given the opportunity to participate in politics and discuss matters of national concern.

The Chairperson assured the participants of her support saying NC is ready to guide them in achieving their goals.

In her acceptance speech, the new Chairperson of the RWP Cornetha Adam thanked the NC Chairperson for initiating the idea of RWP saying she hopes the initiative continues to exist beyond her leadership at the NC.

Adam said the theme came at the right time and relevant to the common plan and agenda of tackling various pressing challenges facing Namibia amongst others poverty, unemployment, gender related matters.

Speaking to Nampa on the side line Paul Vleermuis said he was invited to deliver a speech on 'Saving and Credit Cooperatives as instruments for reducing poverty and empowering of women said it is a golden opportunity for women from rural areas to meet and share information.

He added that RWP can come up with solutions to various problems facing rural communities at grassroots level.

Also speaking to this Agency on the side line, Elizabeth Amutenya from Okatana constituency in the Oshana region said is good to represent the wishes of the community adding that RWP is the right platform since they are the ones on the ground with the people.

The session started on Wednesday and ends on Thursday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency