Sale of land by auction stops

The City of Windhoek has suspended the sale of land by auction with immediate effect. This was  announced by Anges Kafula, Mayor of the City of Windhoek at the City’s monthly council meeting on Wednesday evening.
“While we are engaging in discussions with our government on the amendment of relevant laws, the sales of land will now only be through private treaty or tender,” she said.
According to Kafula, the shortage of serviced land in the City is attributed to three main factors, rapid urbanisation, bureaucracy in the approval process of land and lack of resources at the Council’s disposal.
“This is a national challenge and not unique to Windhoek only. It is unfortunate that an application for land especially for a major development takes more than a year to approve, due to existing red tape in the approval process,” she added.
She stated that a local authority can approve the sale for land immediately but has to submit the same application to the Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB) who should give the final approval in terms of town planning and cadastral procedures.