Schools motivation campaign to continue at Negumbo, Nehale

The School Mode Activated, a school motivation campaign tour, continues this weekend at the Negumbo and Nehale senior secondary schools in the North.

Miss High School North 2016, Frieda Shali, is on board and her main aim is to encourage female learners with a passion for modeling to participate in Miss High School North this year. Initiated by the Kashipu Investment CC, the campaign is aimed at providing students with information on managerial careers in international record labels and music industries at large. "The need for such skills is growing rapidly as graduates are increasingly expected to assume broader tasks and responsibilities than most technical universities have traditionally prepared them with," says Sandro Ithana of Kashipu and the organiser of the campaign.

The first tour this year took place on January 21 at Oshigambo High School, where musician Boet and Sandro Ithana delivered a motivational speech to learners to prepare them for the 2017 academic year so that they can deliver good results this year. During the event Frieda Pandeni Mvula from Oshigambo High School was awarded her certificate for participating in the Miss High School North 2016. There was also a balloon- popping competition with learners walking away with educational materials such as pens, flip files, books and calculators.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia