Social grants reviewed

Pictured at the launch of the Social Expenditure Review are Vic van Vuuren, ILO’s South African director, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Hon Doreen Sioka, Labour and Social Welfare  Deputy Minister, Hon Alpheus Muheua, NUNW Acting Vice-President Conny Pandeni and NEF occupational health and safety (OHS) advisor Redette Klazen.(Photograph contributed)The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for a joint effort to inform the public on the current standing of its social expenditures and social protection measures.
In this regard, the ministry requested the ILO to undertake a review of the adequacy, effectiveness and sustainability of its social expenditures and related measures especially in light of changing global economic indicators.
The review, which was launched by the minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Hon Doreen Sioka, is expected to assess whether the current social expenditures are in line with national development goal, as embodied in NDP 4, the Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2030.