Social media cannot address problems: KrAlhne

The Keetmanshoop Mayor, GaudentiaKrAlhne says youth should not use social media to address issues but rather try to speak face to face platforms.

We cannot solve problems on social media if we have issues we need to address face to face, we are your leaders we are elected by the people to serve them and to be accountable to them, she said.

KrAlhne was speaking at the GROW Youth Entrepreneurship session here on Tuesday, which aims to equip the youth with the necessary skills to come up with finances for their businesses. The session was attended by close to 25 youth from all seven constituencies in the region.

The mayor condemn a comment by the representative of the youth during the town hall meeting last week who demanded the outcome of corruption allegations against some officials at the Municipality done by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

//Kharas Regional Youth Forum chairperson, Viviane de Koe said the council must provide the outcome of the investigations carried out by the ACC.

What I fail to comprehend is why the young lady demanded outcomes of the investigations from my council if the investigations were conducted by the ACC, she questioned.

She added that the council has an open door policy and information can be obtained at the council office at any time.

KrAlhne said if the governance structures have failed in any way to deliver on the mandate as provided for in the legislation or if shortcomings are recorded on the part of national government, such concerns should be directly addressed with the President.

Young people should address issues of concerns directly to those mandated to lead, and not try to embarrass leaders, she cited.

The Mayor went on to say in the economic down-turn today employment markets are shrinking and jobs are difficult to find therefore the young business persons must apply the technical knowledge and skills and be the pillars of hope in the society by creating jobs.

Conduct researches and advice institutions such as the municipalities on effective and efficient ways to render services to our communities. Engage our economic development department, as well as our town planning division and embark on collective strategies aimed at real economic development, she said.

In conclusion KrAlhne call upon the youth to unite in the fight against poverty and in the quest to economic emancipation.

Let us unite in job creation, let us unite in the fight against violent attacks on vulnerable members of our society, added KrAlhne.

Source: Namibia Press Agency