South faces blackout over N$47 million debt

Some parts of the south will experience a blackout from next Wednesday after the power utility NamPower threatened to cut power supply to a number of village councils, local authority councils, government departments and customers with long outstanding accounts.

The affected include Tses, Ko?s, Berseba Village Council, Aranos Town Council, Tsumis Agriculture College at Pump Kujek and San, Kalahari Proefplaas, Rudenau Nord No 6 and the Congo Namibia Trading (Kombat mine). Managing director at NamPower Kahenge Haulofu said the entities owe the power utility a combined debt of N$47 million.

The power cut will be effected as early as 07h00 on Wednesday and NamPower advised the affected institutions that provide critical services to have generators on standby.

Haulofu said the power utility is not at liberty to provide how much is owed by each entity as it is a confidential matter between the customer and NamPower.

The decision to cut power supply comes after the affected parties failed to settle their outstanding accounts despite continuous engagements by the power utility.

Haulofu said the affected customers are those who after being sent letters of demand did not attempt to contact NamPower to make arrangements to pay their debts.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia