Swakop International Trade Expo Coming

THE Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Swakopmund branch will host its first international trade expo from 9 to 11 October.

According to NCCI Swakopmund chairman Heinrich Hafeni, the expo will serve as a unique opportunity to accelerate the coastal town’s development and make the town a global hub for national and international business connections, networking and investor attraction.

He said the expo “will turn Swakopmund into a major business and leisure town”.

The expo, which will take place at the Swakopmund Indoor Sport Centre, will feature businesses from tourism, fisheries, mining, transport an logistics, manufacturing, construction, energy, oil, gas and aviation.

Municipalities, financial and economic institutions, international industrial, investment and consulting companies, research institutions, government agencies, transnational corporations and the diplomatic community are also expected to exhibit.

The main sponsors are FNB Namibia, Standard Bank and Olthaver and List.

As a curtain raiser to the event, the 9th Annual SME Development full-day conference will take place in Swakopmund on 8 October. On 9 October, the official opening of Swaitex will take place with a NCCI National Corporate Forum Business Networking Dinner in the evening on the same day.

The exhibition, which includes a Standard Bank Motor Show, will be from 9 until 11 October. There will also be information seminars for sponsorship opportunities.

NCCI National CEO Taara Shanika lauded the initiative by the Swakopmund branch as an opportunity to expose key services and facilities to local and international investors to start doing business in Namibia.

“We need to promote innovative and technological aancement that can be commercially viable, and for young entrepreneurs to come exhibit innovations that can aance quality of life of customers,” he said.

He said the expo must be dynamic, and become an key annual event that will showcase new opportunities, new products and new innovations every year – “something different every time”.

“It will be different, and also serve as a platform for local businesses to penetrate foreign markets. Not just a local expo, but a true international expo,” Shaanika said.

Source : The Namibian