Swartbooi confident about LPM taking over ||Kharas

The Leader of the Landless People's Movement (LPM) said he is confidant that his party will take over four constituency in the Regional and local authority elections schedule to take place later this year.

Bernadus Swartbooi who was speaking at a public meeting here on Saturday said if LPM wins the by-elections come Wednesday that will open a path for the party to win in other constituencies.

'Last year we won in four out of the seven constituencies of this region, and if we win on 15 January and put our person there then it is possible that we will win in those four constituency. This elections are very important because you are voting for someone that will address your needs at regional and local level,' he said.

In the 2014 Presidential and national Assembly elections the ruling party, Swapo won all constituencies, Keetmanshoop Urban, Keetmanshoop Rural Karasburg West, Karasburg East, Oranjemund, Berseba and !Nami#Nus.

In the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections LPM took over the Keetmanshoop Urban, Keetmanshoop Rural, Berseba and Karasburg East constituencies.

Swartbooi in the same breathe extended a word of appreciation to those who voted the party last year in the Presidential and National Assembly election which resulted in the party getting four seats in Parliament.

'It is because of your votes that we are going to parliament and we really appreciate that thank you very much,'he cited.

Swartbooi further urged the inhabitant of Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency to go in number and vote for the party's candidate, Maxie Minnaar adding that Minnaar knows the situations in which the people live in as she is from the same community and has the experience needed to run the constituency office.

'Minnaar has the experience and will transformation this constituency she will look at he old, young, the poor, those who are hungry, the homeless and the unemployed,' added Swartbooi.

Also speaking Minnaar said she has 12 years working in the constituency council office and knows how the system works and knows the know how in helping the community through the office.

'I am not going to learn what to do as I know the system, the decision is now in your hands to improve your lives and the lives of your children, it is your democratic right to vote so make it count,' she said.

Minnaar among others promise to bring a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center at Keetmanshoop that will cater for the whole region, close down all illegal shebeens, bring more pay-points for the elderly and develop more recreational parks for children at the southern town.

Minnaar is contesting with Festus Shilimela of the Swapo party, |Goagoseb Abraham of the Popular Democratic Movement.

There are 11 534 people who are expected to cast their votes in the be-election on Wednesday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency