The sea matters and so does the navy: Nghipandua

The Commander of the Namibian Navy Rear Admiral Sinsy Nghipandua stressed the importance of the Navy, emphasising its need to protect the country's sea and coastline full of marine resources.

Nghipndua, who was speaking during the 15th anniversary celebration of the Namibian Navy day in Walvis Bay on Friday, was responding to an increasing query, often questioning the need and importance of the Navy in a country.

According to Nghipandua, the security of the country's maritime domain, coupled with its maritime resources' potential for a blue economy, had necessitated the framework for Navy development from that of coastal patrol to that of maritime deference with force projection capability.

With this paradigm, development and professionalisation of our Navy was launched and being pursued to enable the country to project its maritime interests, the commander noted.

Nghipandua added that often times, states will choose safety and security before economics and human rights, as this obviously guarantees a conducive working environment.

Pragmatic states reckon that national security is more important than economics; and economics than human rights and according to this paradigm, states faced with a choice between national security and their human rights concerns will choose national security.

He however added that due to these views, all states face a security dilemma, which is that increasing one's security decreases everyone else's, yet not working to improve one's security may prove disastrous.

Therefore, the defence of our territory, guaranteeing its integrity and the protection of our interests and people within the geo-political environment serve as enough prima facie for the existence of our Defence Force, Nghipandua noted.

The celebrations of the anniversary kicked off with sports week, during which the members competed for awards and trophies.

There was also an open day, where the Navy conducted a scroll of troops in town to show respect to the city of Walvis Bay and reassure the public of its preparedness do defend the country.

Nghipandua emphasised the importance to look back and benchmark on the progresses and success that eventually brought the Navy where it is today.

Defence Minister Penda Ya Ndakolo and Executive Director in the ministry Rear Admiral Peter Vilho also attended the event.

Source: Namibia Press Agency