Three poachers sentenced to two years imprisonment at Otjiwarongo

Three accused poachers at Otjiwarongo were on Tuesday morning sentenced to two years imprisonment or a fine of N.dollars 8 000 each for poaching two warthogs on a private farm situated along the Okakarara road.

The convicts are 28-year-old Lancelord Howoseb, Reynolds Awaseb, 29, and Otto Goagoseb, 28, all residents of Otjiwarongo.

The trio appeared before magistrate Yvette Fredericks, who further ruled that the vehicle, a white Nissan double cab and a hunting rifle used by the three men in the incident be forfeited to the State.

Public prosecutor, Anna Amukogo who represented the State in the matter, had asked the court for a heavy sentence for the three men, saying it would send a clear message to the public and consequently deter any possible illegal hunting of wildlife in the future.

Amukogo also argued in court that the trio had intentionally and illegally poached the two warthogs valued at N. dollars 6 000 in total last Friday at Farm Okosongomingo.

“Poaching is rife in the Otjiwarongo district and [a] clear message needs to be sent out there,” she said.

The three men were arrested on Friday afternoon for illegal hunting in a private farm and possession of game meat without a valid permit.

Howoseb, Awaseb and Goagoseb had pleaded guilty to all charges in court on Monday, where they represented themselves.

The convicted men on Tuesday evening paid the N.dollars 8 000 fine each as an alternative punishment to serving their two-year prison term, while the vehicle and firearm used remain properties of the State.

Source: Namibia Press Agency