Titus and Hilia, are every seconds love pair

Love should be celebrated every second, every minute, every hour and every day for Valentine's Day is not assured. While many lovebirds are thinking on how to spoil and make their other haves feel loved and special, for the Tituses, Hilia and Linus, this is an everyday thing.

It becomes clear as they guide this reporter through their love story that they take each day as their last Valentine's Day, laughing and joking while holding hands and stare at each other as if they had only met yesterday. The pair are celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time as a married couple after tying the knot last August but they say although Valentine's Day should be treated as special, each and every day should be special for each couple. "Every day is Valentine's for us, I mean love should be celebrated every day because Tuesday may never come, so do it's every day, do it today, don't postpone because you might not see tomorrow" says Hilia.

Going down memory lane to Valentine Days, they have from day one since they started dating in 2013, moved away from the traditional way of getting flowers, chocolate and gifts on this special day. Instead they spend quality time together and share deep thoughts which they say is 'priceless'. This year might be a bit different from the usual though, but the two love birds could not spill the beans as to what they have prepared for the day, as they aim to surprise each other come today but indicate that it's big this year.

The biggest factor in their watertight relationship is the love for each other, coupled with knowing each other well, understanding each other and being honest and truthful to each other all the time. "I think what keeps us going is the fact that we know each other, we know our dislikes and likes, we know and have accepted each other's personality and character" states Linus. The pair stresses the need to know each other before getting married, saying you should be able to handle your partner's stupidity if you are to make any relationship work.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia