Tribalism is in our blood – Muharukua

Okozongumbati-Kunene Governor Angelika Muharukua recently told New Era tribalism is in our blood.

She made the remark during an interview at Okozongumbati, which is situated three kilometres from Opuwo, before the belated Heroes Day commemoration.

I cannot talk about tribalism. It's in our blood � we are born with it as we are told you belong to this tribe when you are born, said Muharukua who has been accused by some residents from southern Kunene at public gatherings of neglecting the southern Kunene as well as for being responsible for tribalism.

This reporter was blocked by Muharukua from interviewing traditional leaders who attended the belated Heroes Day commemoration at Okozongumbati village. The governor said that as the head of Kunene Region she is the only one allowed to talk on affairs concerning the region.

Muharukua was also concerned about less drought relief food given to Kunene.

However, she said government alone cannot assist with drought relief food and that the private sector should also come on board and do more to assist government.

Drought relief is not enough and we need to get water from the Kunene River, said Muharukua who noted that as she travelled around she saw first-hand how grazing and water were not enough for livestock.

I travel in the region. Grazing for animals is not enough. We did not receive enough rain.

New Era was informed that a garden was established for the community at Otuzemba in Opuwo rural and vegetable seeds, a water tank, wire and pipes were brought in. She said the community has planted vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and cabbage as well as other crops.

Each constituency in the Kunene will be funded by her office from donations to start a community garden and beneficiaries can decide how to use vegetables they harvest from such gardens.

We want to take this garden to each constituency. I don't want our people to be beggars all the time, Muharukua said, adding that she wants to tackle poverty. She also called on investors to approach her office to initiate private-public partnerships into housing, establishing educational institutions and manufacturing.

Investors are free to come to our region.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia