Turn over a new leaf

Let me doff my korrie for the newly appointed MTC Namibia Premiership executive for pushing through to get the league started, despite last-ditch unsuccessful attempts by a few of its affiliates to get league activities halted, at least for the time being.

Generally speaking, people are seriously fed up with the seemingly unending boardroom rumblings in our domestic football and want the game to go on unhindered, so to speak.

The attendance on Friday evening in the season's pipe-hot opening clash of perennial rivals Orlando Pirates and African Stars was good advertisement for local football, as both teams certainly came to the party dishing out some hardegat football, as not witnessed in these parts in a very long time.

There seems to be a sickening tendency among some football followers, who blame coaches at the slightest provocation whenever results go against their teams, but when the teams play well and win trophies the players are credited with the team's success.

Yours truly must admit that coaches are primarily judged on results on the pitch, but those who are fully conversant with the dynamics of the beautiful game will tell you that coaches can influence the pattern of the game with great tactical acumen.

What I observed during Friday night's electrifying match was doubtlessly the phenomenal tactical approach of both coaches Bobby 'Bobsteak' Samaria and Woody 'Bro Squakes se Laaitie' Jacobs.

The pair is doubtlessly among the most shrewd football coaches in the business please don't misread my statement not the most successful, but most influential mentors in the annals of domestic football.

It's a well-known fact that Bobby and Woody's teams always play attractive attacking football, as can be attested by Friday's four-goal thriller.

Yours truly also had the distinct honour of watching in person the midweek league clash between Katutura giants Black and their hoodoo team Tura Magic. Talking of a good product, those who turned up on Wednesday must have gone home satisfied with the quality of football on display, apart from Black Africa supporters.

Without an iota of doubt, Brave Warriors and former Rundu Chiefs left-footed attacking midfielder Petrus 'Dancing Shoes' Shitembi, proved to be cut above the rest.

Needless to note, our domestic football league gravely lacks personalities who are capable of taking the game by the scruff of the neck whenever the going gets tough. This is exactly where blokes, such as Dynamo Fredericks, Stigga Ketjijere, Domiquue Edom, Neville Kandoze-Tjiueza and few others come in.

One player who has captured my imagination was none other than Orlando Pirates' nimble-footed pocket-sized attacking midfielder, Christian Doeseb.

The tiny-framed boy showed some flashes of brilliance wirh deft touches reminiscent of late Norries Goraseb, the former Ghosts' blue-eyed boy. Was yours truly disappointed not to have watched him get more time on the pitch? Sure, a big yes.

It's a pity the paying customers are being shortchanged by greedy coaches, who have developed a tendency of putting their own personal interests ahead of the fans squeezing their bodies through the turnstiles.

The dugout is not the most ideal place for great footballers, they belong on the pitch for 90 minutes, unless they are injured or rested. Yours truly, for instance, will pay any kind of money to watch BA if Dynamo Fredericks starts; the same applies to Tigers, Image, Abes and Nekavu are all in the starting line up; At African Stars, Stigga, simply because he plays my kind of game no fancy stuff, win the ball, pass it or shoot whenever the chance presents itself.

In the past each and every team in the Premier League had great footballers in their armoury, even second strings had their own stars.

Who will ever forget Tigers' charismatic tall centre-back, the late Ipangena 'Spagherro' Shikwambi, Pierre Janero (BA), Squash Kapuka (O Pirates), or Josephat 'Moripe' Jekonia? These were second team campaigners, but earned respect from the fans.

Our football needs personalities if they are to fill the stadiums to capacity.

I rest my case.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia