UNDP inaugurates Vehicle-Grid Electric Car Project in capital

The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has on Friday inaugurated the Vehicle-Grid Electric Cars Project in the capital that aims to introduce Namibians to electric cars.

The Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) is an innovative technology of which the vehicle is charged electrically in effort to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to green blue economy.

Speaking at the event, UNDP resident representative Alka Bhatia said the electric cars project started in 2016 and it is a unique extraordinary innovative technology.

This is the first installation of the VGI electric vehicle project in Namibia and in Africa at UN compound, Bhatia noted.

She added that in 2017 UN House Namibia has adopted solar power with installation of 104 kilowatts Peak solar.

This system has been combined with electric vehicle connected via bi-directional power charge this year, Bhatia said.

She additionally stated that Namibia is making great strides in the energy sector and by using electric cars and charging them through solar energy will be contributing to greening the blue efforts and reduce carbon emissions significantly.

At the same event, the Executive Director of Corporate Affairs of Nissan, South Africa, Wonga Mesatywa said that Nissan approved the energy vehicle as it is only company that authorises all energy related matter in the Southern Africa.

He further noted that countries should know that the world is revolving around new innovative technology, adding that Puma, shell, service stations and all other fuel providers will change from providing fuel to electric services in future.

A civil society in attendance, the Executive Director of Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management, Jane Olwoch said that she is sold by VGI electric cars as she is ready to purchase the car.

Olwoch added that the mind-set of the people must change towards emission reduction as the world walks the talks and technology is the future.

Source: Namibia Press Agency