Work hard! You will be rewarded

Irja Ndapewoshali Shivute, owner and director of Sti Decor & Rentals.Irja Ndapewoshali Shivute, owner and director of Sti Decor & Rentals has been running her small business since December 2001. Shivute worked for UNFPA on a contract basis during which she decided to start her own business as she had to acquire a number of items such as table cloths, flowers, cutlery and crockery over a number of months. These she used as part of the service she provided to UNFPA.
Today, Sti Decor & Rentals handles events, functions, conferences, weddings as well as interior décor.
Shivute recalls the beginning: “It was tough at the beginning as I was on my own and I enlisted the help of my sisters and used my mother’s bakkie – without being able to pay them a cent. The business started blossoming when I got married and with my husband’s support everything started growing and we purchased a bigger pick-up truck as our decorating items multiplied. And we could also start remunerating my family.”
Shivute then needed bigger items such as a tent and chairs and turned to FNB Namibia’s SME Division for a loan.